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Board of Directors

  • President/CEO - Terolyn Phinsee (Chairperson of the Board)
  • Executive Administrative Assistant - Ronda Johnson
  • Recording Secretary - Helen Flores
  • CFO - Interim, Sam Phinsee
  • Technology Program Chairman - Ryan West
  • Parent/Program Advisory Chair -
  • Program Chair - Palmdale




Titus Single Parent Mentoring is a community based charitable educational program located in Los Angeles County. 
Our purpose is to provide mentoring, support programs, and STEAM educational workshops to inner-city parents and youth. 

We provide hands-on STEAM experiences to youth and their parents, thereby preparing inner-city students to apply for STEAM
college majors and STEAM careers.

In addition to providing our own STEAM program, each summer we partner with international STEAM summer camps & programs
to ensure that students in single parent households and in low-income two parent households are given an opportunity to attend such
programs at little or no cost.

Our program is funded by individual and company donations.

Scholarships for summer camps are funded by parent memberships, fundraisers, and sponsor donations.











Our 2019 Titus STEAM Preparatory Academy


  1. Financial Literacy, History, & Political Science
  2. Family Budgeting and Preparing For College
  3. What is STEAM and Why It Is Important, Build a computer from scratch, Microsoft Graphic Design, 3D Printing, Coding, Web design,
  4. Social and Dining Etiquette, Manners, & Good Behavior
  5. Stress and the Single Parent/ Effective Co-parenting, Healthy Parenting
  6. Steps to Effective Loving Parenting (Discipline, Milestones, Guidelines)
  7. Culinary Art, Theater Art, Graphic Art Design, and Music Art
  8. Respectful Conflict Resolution (Between children, parents, and absent parent)


Each student is given opportunity to apply for summer camp and college scholarship funding after successfully completing our workshops

Through the support of local, state, and federal agencies, as well as private businesses - Titus Single Parents Mentoring receives funding for single parents and their children to attend workshops, camps, and other character building events at an affordable rate or at no cost.  Funding from these organizations also serve to assist many children, who under most circumstances would not have the opportunity due to their single parent’s
budgetary constraints to attend specialty summer camps or receive educational funding. 

For more information visit us on the web at: www.titusparenting.com
or email us at:  info@titusparenting.org




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