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Providing affordable STEAM programs to inner-city families

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Terolyn Phinsee, CEO/Founder

Titus Single Parent Mentoring began in 2009 with my vision and passion to help our under-served community by providing a mentoring network for single parents to collaborate with one another, to provide support for single parents, and to provide affordable STEAM summer enrichment programs for children of single parent households.

After being a single parent for many years, I personally understood the struggles many single parents experienced, including the financial difficulties of trying to making ends meet, to find childcare, to obtain affordable summer camps for their children, the need for affordable housing, and overall burn-out.

With a degree in Computer Programming, Information Systems, I saw the need to give students early hands-on access to various STEM fields. I found that many inner-city parents were not preparing their children for college, simply because they did not know how to do so. I partnered with other STEAM programs, Microsoft, the YMCA, and countless others to enable both the parents and their children to break generational poverty.

I share my expertise in Business Management, Project Management, Software Compliance, Data Analytics, and Software Analysis with students in our Titus STEAM Prep program to ensure college and workplace readiness. Over the course of the past 15 years, we have mentored both married and single parents, and provided academic rites of passage to college for over 300 students. Parents and students have worked with our financial literacy program to end generational poverty by starting their own business, gaining employment, and managing a budget.

We are an established Microsoft non-profit. Microsoft has been one of our main supporters by providing laptops, and free software, to allow us to provide computer training to parents and students at no cost. We have 50 core STEAM summer enrichment program partners, including YMCA, IDTech, Long Beach International Theatre, and OBAP Organization of Black Airline Pilots.

Our students have a heart of service, they have developed community service programs that serve our local senior citizens which includes planting drought resistant plants and landscaping.

As the first African woman in my field of Software Compliance in corporate America and former president of the International Association Microsoft Channel Partners, I have walked beside our African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Island Pacific, Vietnamese, and Latina students to show them how to be proud of their heritage, to be proud to be a first generation college student, to have proper etiquette, to be gracious, to be kind, to be considerate, to embrace gaining knowledge about other cultures and careers.

Last, but not least this year, we are partnering with Nehemiah Project Los Angeles. Through this partnership we will assist with providing resources to homeless foster youth who are aging out of the foster care system and are in need of food and shelter by providing homes for them to live and gain employment.

It is my sincere love for our community that excites me to serv e and provide our program to its underserved families,

Thank you,

Terolyn Phinsee



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Titus Single Parent Mentoring is a 501(c)(3) federally tax exempt nonprofit organization


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